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Social Security and Medicare Online Accounts

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Some people are very proficient with online activity, and, for those who are, it is a good idea to establish online accounts for Medicare and Social Security.  Not only can Medicare beneficiaries obtain a great deal of information without sitting on the telephone waiting at the 1-800 number, online accounts provide easy access to caregivers short and long-distance.

To create an account at Medicare go to myMedicare.gov and for Social Security go to  www.ssa.gov/myaccount.

Some of the useful things a person can do with an online account include the following:

• Personalized Medicare benefits and services

• View Claims Information (access and print Medicare Summary Notices)

• Keep up with deductibles

• Learn about your providers

• Keep up with drug lists

• Download personal information with Blue Button

• Replace a Medicare card

• Change Direct Deposit

• Find out if you qualify for benefits

• Obtain verification of benefits

• Apply for benefits

• Appeal a decision

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